wedding day dog care
Bow-wow's & Wedding Vows

Marisa & Jeff

"I hired Jacqueline for my wedding day to help with my dog Bella. She was wonderful and a huge asset to have. She helped walk her when needed, get her attention during pictures, and keep her occupied when she wasn't needed. Knowing that Bella was safe during my big day while I was being pulled in a million directions, totally put my mind at ease and helped me to enjoy my day and not worry about her. Thank you again Jacqueline for not only being super professional, friendly, but also for all your hard work!! I will recommend you over and over again to all my friends getting married!"

Photo Credit: Dawn Elizabeth Photography


Wedding day dog care
Bow-wow's & Wedding Vows

Yaniv & Shira

"Having Jacqueline at our wedding was a great idea! We initially thought to have one of our friends take care of our puppy, but once introduced to Bow-wow's we just knew it would be better to have a professional with us. As so she was. From the introduction meeting with our dog a few weeks before the wedding, through the gentle care to details and adaptations up to the wedding day itself, and the wedding itself that went completely smooth, even though we threw Jacqueline a few curve balls last minute. All went exceptionally well and relaxed, she connected with our dog easily, survived and contained her puppy behavior (When she was less than six months old). It was a real pleasure! Thank you!"

Photo Credit: Love Me Do Photography


Ayse & Eric

"Jacqueline was such an asset on our wedding day! We loved her and so did our Bug. We couldn’t imagine our day without bug, but could not have happened with so much ease without Jacqueline. She took the time to come meet bug weeks before our wedding, she cared for him all day at night, had treats to get his attention for photos, dressed him in his flower crown, walked him around cocktail hour, and dropped him off at our hotel before dinner. She was so sweet and pleasent to be around too! She took such great care of Bug , he really loved her. 100% worth the investment. Bow wow’s was wonderful!"