Jacqueline Here!

I created Bow-wow’s & Wedding Vows LLC one day after having an epiphany! I was (as usual) scrolling though the Wedding section on Pinterest, daydreaming about  how my future wedding will one day play out (I’m not engaged yet but hopefully will be soon! (My boyfriend is here rolling his eyes at me as I type this lol)).  As I looked at these adorable photos of brides with their beloved dogs at their side, it made me wonder, who I would have care for my Rory on my wedding day.

Rory is my Red Tri Australian Shepherd, my second-hand-man, partner in crime, my second shadow, and the most intense snuggler on this earth! He means the absolute world to me; He was all I was dreaming of while waiting for my contract in the military to come to an end. I chose Rory from a litter, via email, while still deployed with my ship. When I finally came home I drove to Virginia and picked him up, he has been by my side ever since. It is so important that he is there with me on that special day. I realized that even though I trust my family and friends to take care of him, I want them to have a fun carefree time at my wedding. So that was the question that came to mind, who will take care of Rory on my wedding day? And Voila! Bow-wow’s & Wedding Vows came to be!

I've always had an intense love for animals. Some of my earliest memories are "playing vet” on my Beanie Babies, and rescuing small animals. Growing up and as an adult I have always had pet dogs, cats, and even chickens! When I finally got out of the Navy I started out walking dogs on the side then graduated when I got a job as a Vet Tech (which I loved and learned a lot from!), but I realized that that was not for me, so here I am, making a new dream! 

Let me help make your dream come true too!

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